Often you seem to be worked up with so many questions before opting for a spa treatment. You must realize that spa treatments are meant for total relaxation and so do not unnecessarily get stressed about them. Explore the answers to your common queries and go for the spa treatments of your choice and experience a blissful experience like never before.

When should I get an appointment done?

If you wish to enjoy the spa treatments of your choice you must consider doing an advance booking in the leading skin clinic based in Berwick.

What are some of the different spa treatments I could avail?

There is a host of spa treatments that you could avail including a relaxing back massage, deep tissue massage, full body massage, hot rock massage, mud wraps, body scrubs, head massage, full body exfoliation etc. Choose one from any of the spa treatments and enjoy ultimate relaxation and complete rejuvenation.

What must you discuss with the spa treatment provider?

It is your responsibility to discuss all issues and concerns openly with your therapist. You are expected to point out any personal preferences, special expectations or any possible concerns regarding any spa treatment.

What should I be wearing during the treatment?

It is your choice entirely because your comfort is of utmost importance. Anyways you would be totally covered with sheets or towels except for the area that is being treated. Usually, clients feel comfortable in wearing a robe that is often provided by the salon or skin clinic. Most clients like to wear their own comfy robes to relax completely while the treatment is on.

Do I need to inform my therapist if I have a certain disability, allergies, or physical ailment?

You need to notify all your special concerns regarding any physical ailment, allergies, or disability at the time you are seeking an appointment. Even before the treatment commences, it is advisable to discuss all these issues with your therapist to rule out any complications or discomfort. Your therapist is the right person to tell you if the spa treatment you have chosen is not recommended. However, she would be guiding you along the right lines. Get the best spa treatments by visiting the most reliable skin clinic in Berwick.

Is it necessary to avoid spa treatments in pregnancy?

Your physician is the best judge and he would be advising you about the spa treatments that are safe for you. However, generally speaking, it is advisable to avoid any spa treatments involving heat and deep pressure during pregnancy. It is mandatory to inform your therapist about your pregnancy and any related complications before the spa treatment is initiated.

Do I need to follow some kind of etiquette rules?

You must honor the serene ambiance by maintaining silence. Spa treatments are all about deep relaxation in a serene and tranquil environment. Maintain the peaceful ambiance as that would help you get the maximum benefit from your treatments. Usually, you are advised against using any kind of electronic devices, cameras, and even cell phones that may keep you distracted. You must arrive on time and if possible arrive early for your appointment. This way, you could enjoy a super-relaxing experience at the most reputed skin clinic in Berwick.