Defend your skin against urban aggression

The negative effects of the environment are a serious concern when it comes to skin health. Apart from UV damage, the most significant environmental pollutant is cigarette smoke. Passive smoking can have a negative effect on the skin as can city smog, car fumes and dehydrating air conditioning systems. Environmental damage on the skin is best addressed in the following ways:
Opt for a diet high in natural antioxidants or take oral antioxidant supplements
Ensure you effectively and thoroughly cleanse morning and night with an SLS free cleanser which is pH balanced
Hydronic heating and evaporative cooling is much kinder to skin than air-vent heating and cooling.
Apply daily sun protection to fight UV damage
Set your makeup with a pollution and Infrared defence spritz
Use topical antioxidants daily that will effectively combat the effects of free radical damage created by environmental pollutants

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