Young Living Essential Oils

Why Essential Oils?

How many people reading this right now want help with having more energy, balancing their hormones, sleeping better, clearing up their skin, better digestion, better focus and concentration, natural cleaning alternatives or help with settling their babies or dealing with kids with busy minds?!

Most often than not, we see ourselves going to the doctor or chemist looking for answers and usually we come out feeling disappointed and defeated there isn’t a ‘pill’ for that to fix the problem. Most of these things start with our exposure to the chemicals around us and what we are putting in and on our bodies that we often don’t realise are harming us.

When our bodies are overloaded with chemicals built up over time, we create a problem in our bodies which we call body toxicity.

The average women applies over 300 chemicals a day just through soaps, makeup, hair products and other personal care products. The scariest part is 80 of these chemicals are applied before we even have breakfast! These high levels of toxins in our bodies increases the risk of disease, including cancer, and promote premature ageing. How we live and what we consume, our attitudes, exercise, sleep, rest, what drugs we take, the technology around us, and what we expose our bodies to on a daily basis, all determine our level of body burden, which in turn determines our risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

This may sound scary… but the best part is we have FULL control over this! Oils are such a great alternative to the everyday hidden chemicals in products- even the ones that say they are ‘natural’ or filled with botanical packaging to greenwash us. When you use oils and oil infused products, you know what you are putting on your skin is not harming you.

And you don’t have to make this change all in one day! Even swapping out one product a month starts to reduce our chemical load. The sooner you start, the sooner you will start to feel better about any of the above concerns and feel the change in your body. Every little bit counts as it all builds up overtime in our system.

The word “fragrance” alone is an umbrella term for thousands of dirty chemicals labelled under the one word. Some of the nasty things that make their way into our bodies can take years to be removed – our bodies have to work REALLY hard to remove them which takes away the bodies full ability to absorb nutrients or do any of the things that the body is naturally suppose to be doing. Our systems go into overdrive, and our immune system becomes bogged down. No wonder the majority of us feel tired all the time!

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are the most powerful part of the plant.

They are distilled from flowers, trees, roots, bushes, fruit, herbs and more. Oils provide support for every system in your body and they also support brain health and healthy weight.

Oils can be used as an alternative to toxic chemicals in your home.

Tests have shown oils reach the heart, liver and thyroid in 3 seconds through inhaling, the bloodstream within 26 seconds and your whole body within 20 minutes.

How do we use Essential Oils?

Aromatically – diffuse, directly inhale, or add to hot water to experience the aromatic benefits of essential oils.

Topically – many oils can be used either diluted with a carrier oil or undiluted onto the skin.  Each oil has specific instructions for dilution and suitability for topical use, so always follow the instructions on each oil’s individual label.

Flavouring – some essential oils can be used as a flavouring to your favourite recipes and beverages.  Only use the essential oils that have been indicated as suitable for flavouring on the label.


How to get started?

There are two options to be able to purchase Young Living products:

1. Click HERE to get started

2. Select “Wholesale Member” rather than “Retail Customer” (this is the cheaper option!) You do not have to sell oils! It simply means that you get your oils + a 24% wholesale discount for the year.

3. Choose a starter kit! The Premium Starter Kit is the most popular kit as it comes with 12 of the most commonly loved and used essential oils – this is how I got started! Select a diffuser: the Dewdrop, Lantern and Desert Mist diffuser are a favourite but if you’re wanting to pay a little more – the Aria and the Rainstone are amazing!

4. You can now choose to set up your monthly wellness box (Essential Rewards). This is hands down the best part of Young Living and if you are serious about switching to a natural lifestyle this is the best way to do it on a budget! Plus you receive SO many freebies/rewards points in the process!

Some oils/products I love outside the starter kit are: Thieves Household Cleaner  (I clean my ENTIRE house with this stuff!), Lavender is a must have in every home my kids and I love it , Gentle Baby for all the relaxed vibes and beautiful skin and lastly, the cedarwood for all the sleep support!

5. Enter your details and create a username, password, and pin.

6. Check out and then wait to have your kit arrive at the door!

I will be notified once you sign up and be in contact with you shortly! If you’re wanting to connect, use the contact me section on this website to send me an email or jump over to my Instagram account (@ultimateindulgence) and say hello!

By signing up you’ll be joining a community of people to support you with your oils and how to get the best use out of them. You will have gain insights through free e-books, webinars, and private Facebook groups. You can also connect with like-minded people and gain access to the most beautiful resources to ensure you get the absolute best out of your Young Living products.

Click HERE to get started!

If you follow the link above, my member number 18980422 will appear in the “Sponsor” and “Enroller” fields.  You’ll need these to join our team and to have me as your sponsor, supporting you along the way. If for some reason you land on the enrolment page some other way, make sure you use my member number 18980422 in the “Sponsor” and “Enroller” fields.

Starter Kit Includes: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Panaway, Frankincense, Valor, Orange, Peace and Calming, Stress Away, Digize, R.C and Thieves + Diffuser of your choice, 1 thieves spray and thieves hand purifier, 2x Ningxia red sachets, sample bottles and resources.

+ a welcome kit from me!

I can’t wait to share this journey with you!