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BBL /IPL /SHR Clinical Treatments

BBL Skin rejuvenation offers the very latest and most effective way of improving the skins overall appearance and skin tone. With our medical grade laser we can treat and dramatically reduce sun damage, age-spots, symptoms of rosacea, broken veins and capillaries, pigmentation, fine lines and other facial flaws. Lighten’s, Brighten’s, Tone’s & Tighten’s.

BBL Full Face Rejuvenation                                           $99
BBL Neck Rejuvenation                                                  $99
BBL Decollatage Rejuvenation                                      $99

BBL Rejuvenation
(Includes Face, Neck & Decolletage)                            $199

BBL Combination Full Face Skin Rejuvenation        $120
(targeting vascular,pigmentation, acne & ageing concerns)

BBL Combination Facial
(Includes Cleanse, Peel or Micro, BBL Rejuv Full Face
& Neck, LED Light Therapy, Serum & SPF)                $250



SHR / IPL Hair Reduction

Lip                                      $40
Chin                                   $40
Sides of Face                     $55
Full Face                            $90
Underarms                        $55
1/2 arms                            $110
3/4 arms                           $139
Full arms                           $159
Standard Bikini                $70
G-String                             $90
Brazilian                            $110
1/2 Leg                               $130
Female Full leg                 $180
Toes                                    $20
Abdomen                           $80
Snail Trail                          $30



Male IPL

½ Back                                $140

Full Back From                   $259

Shoulders                             $120

Chest                                     $140


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