Skin Needling

The word skin needling can often sound a little scary or you may have seen some really amazing before and after photos of this treatment but are unsure how this treatment is performed or may be worried with how long your downtime may be? I thought I would put together a blog to help answer some frequently asked questions in regards to this treatment.

What is Skin needling?

Skin needling is a treatment that has been around for years! It is the use of a device that looks like a pen. At the end of the device are tiny micro needles that vertically penetrate the skin, puncturing it and creating tiny micro channels. The device we use at Ultimate Indulgence is called the Skin Pen. This is a medical grade, TGA approved device. Each tip has been carefully calibrated which means the depth of penetration is exact and consistent with every treatment performed. We infuse a hydrating, lifting serum with every treatment which ensures the skin is deeply hydrated and plump! During the treatment thousands of micro channels are created in the skin. This then forces the skin to go into “repair mode” and with this, comes the production of collagen and elastin. We are able to treat up to 2.5mm into the skin with our Skin Pen device.
Included in your skin needling treatment we provide you with a repair serum to use after your treatment to help soothe and comfort the skin.

What skin concerns can be treated with skin needling?

You can treat a number of skin concerns with skin needling. Some of those being acne scarring, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, post inflammatory marks left over from previous break out and rejuvenation.
Depending on what condition you are treating with skin needling, will depend on the depth of the needle used in treatment and in turn will determine your down time. Generally speaking, for superficial concerns such as rejuvenation the needles are set to a shallower depth and the downtime such as mild swelling and redness ranges from 24-48 hours post treatment. For deeper concerns such as acne scarring, a deeper level of needle penetration is required and downtime such as swelling, redness and sometimes dryness can last up to approx 4 days post treatment.

What does skin needling feel like?

I recommend that clients apply a numbing cream an hour prior to their treatment with myself. This numbing cream can be purchased from the chemist and is very easy to apply. This then ensures that your skin needling treatment is comfortable and I am able to treat at a level required to help with your concerns. Most clients are surprised at how comfortable the treatment is. Many describe it like an electric toothbrush being passed over the skin or similar to a microdermabrasion. Immediately after the treatment the skin may feel hot, similar to a sun burn and may feel tight. After the numbing cream wears off, the heat may be felt for the rest of the day.

Should I prep my skin before skin needling?

I would recommend prepping the skin for 2-4 weeks on cosmeceutical Vitamin A and B serums before having your skin needling treatment. This is because Vitamin A and B help the skin resurface itself at a faster rate and helps to strenghten the barrier of the skin. That way when we are relying on the skin to heal itself after the skin needling treatment, we know it is functioning at a healthy rate and in turn you will get faster, improved results. In my professional opinion Synergie’s Ultimate A and Vitamin B are the gold standard of skin needling prepping. If sun damage is what you are wanting to treat, often a pigment inhibitor is required as well. Synergie’s Enlighten is amazing for prepping and helping to lighten pigmentation prior to skin needling.

How may skin needling sessions will I need?

This is a question I wish I could give a straight answer to but the truth is, every client and skin concern is different. On average 6-8 sessions are recommended spaced approx 2-4 weeks apart depending on what I am treating. In saying that though, you will see improvement after the first 1 or 2 sessions and it is then a good gauge as to how many are required. You can see continual results for up to 6 months after each skin needling treatment. It definitely helps to be using cosmeceutical skin care at home before and during your skin needling treatments as this supports what we are trying to achieve with the course of treatment.
I like to do a skin consultation before your first skin needling treatment to assess the skin and give you all the information I can for your skin concern and prepping needs.

Dani Feiam – Skin Therapist

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