Body care. Spa body massage treatment.


Relaxation Back Massage   30 mins $50
Relaxation Full Body            60 mins $70
Deep Tissue                             30 mins $60
Deep Tissue                             60 mins $80
Hot Rock Massage                 60 mins $99
                                                    90 mins $149

body scrubs and mud wraps

Full body exfoliation with head massage

Helps to buff off dead skin cells, allowing your skin to boost hydration levels
Includes Shower approx   40 mins $80

Restore Scrub + Mud Wrap

Restores the skins hydration levels as it tones and detoxifies impurities that can clog the pores.
Shower included approx   60 mins $125

Full body Mud Wrap with head massage

Penetrating product into the pores and allowing excess toxins to be released from the body
Includes Shower approx   40 mins $80

Soak in our Candlelit Spa Bath

30 mins $40

Indulgence Spa Ritual packages


Repair and revitalise dry, dull looking skin while relaxing and calming your body.
• Full body scrub 20 mins
• Shower off 10 mins
• 1 hour massage                90 mins $140

Face and body treat

Treat your face to a revitalising facial. This very effective treatment will leave skin
looking, smooth, clear and rejuvenated. Follow this relaxing treatment with an
aromatherapy back massage to further help you to relax and unwind.

• Ultimate Facial 45 mins
• Relaxation massage 30 mins         75 mins $130

Face and Feet Treat

Lay down and put your feet up, targeting tired and neglected feet & a customized
facial to suit your skin type.
• Enhanced foot treatment 1hr
• Indulgence Express Facial         30 mins 90 mins $125
Shellac Add on $20

Pregnancy Lift

For a little break in your busy day try this spa package that will leave you looking
and feeling a million dollars. Start off with our Ultimate Classic Facial to hydrate
and soothe your skin. Leave with a sparkle by having a basic Manicure and Pedicure
to give you pretty as a picture fingers and toes.
• Customised Facial 45 mins
• Enhanced Foot Treatment        60 mins 105 mins $140
Shellac Add on $20

Ultimate Spa Mix

The Ultimate all-day spa experience from head – to – toe. The power of these treatments will transform glowing skin while placing you into a state of pure harmony.

• Spa Bath – 30 mins
• Full body exfoliation + mud wrap- 40 mins (shower)
• Relaxation Massage 30 mins
• Ultimate Indulgence Facial 30 mins
• Basic Manicure 40 mins
• Basic Pedicure 40 mins           3hrs 30 mins $365

Girls Day Out (Minimum 2ppl)

The ‘Enjoy Package’ gather the girls together for a day of total bliss. Relax and unwind. (Customized hen’s & bridal packages are available upon request.)
• Back massage 30 mins
• Ultimate classic facial 30 mins
• Basic manicure 40 mins
• Basic pedicure 40 mins             2hrs 20 mins $199
                                                                     per person